X Cast 11: Trump vs Hillary… will the madness never end? (AUDIO)



Catch Josh Houslander, Adam Hernandez and Nick Houslander every Tuesday night at 8:30PM ET for the X Cast on IM Radio IMPERIOX.NET!

In this week’s episode of X Cast, Josh and Adam discuss the ban on fireworks here in Michigan while Josh makes the ironic comparisons to the 4th of July, liberty and banishment of one of the 4th’s biggest materialistic figureheads. Also on this week’s show we continue to discuss the further madness the surrounds the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton campaigns. First with the anti-semitic meme posted by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton being called careless by the FBI director James Comey when it comes to her emails.

And to wrap up the show, we take on the Kevin Durant deal while Adam goes on to defend KD’s decision to leave the Thunder for the Warriors.

Tune into all that plus much more!


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