WikiLeaks plans to blow the lid off the U.S. Election and Google over the next ten weeks



As the U.S. Presidential Election enters its final month, WikiLeaks doesn’t plan to go unnoticed in the final stretch.

Today, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange announced his website has scheduled to release documents over the next 10 weeks pertaining to arms trading, war, oil, mass surveillance, Google and more notably the United States Presidential Election. The Election stuff however seems to be much more of the grand finale as Assange mentioned that all documents pertaining to that will be released before Election Day on November 8th.

“There is enormous expectation in the United States,” Assange said of the forthcoming leaks. “Some of that expectation will be partly answered; but you should understand that if we’re going to make a major publication in relation to the United States at a particular hour, we don’t do it at 3AM.”

Assange and WikiLeaks have already thus far made headway in the Presidential Election. Back in July the website published leaked emails from the DNC revealing the committee’s apparent favoritism towards Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. The 19,000 plus emails further revealed full names, phone numbers, addresses and led to the resignation of chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Because of the DNC hack – which WikiLeaks has not disclosed their source – Assange has fielded criticism that his organization is specifically targeting the Clinton campaign and DNC. Furthermore, Donald Trump surrogate Roger Stone tweeted that Hillary Clinton would be ‘done’ after WikiLeaks makes the documents in question public. Assange however eased up on that notion when asked if the pending release would destroy her bid for the White House.

“Are upcoming publications significant in relation to the US election? Yeah, we think they’re significant,” he said. “Do they show interesting features of US power factions and how they operate? Yes, they do.”

h/t: The Verge

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