The Trump media wing is now letting Bashar al-Assad point out the terrorists to everyone



Donald Trump‘s media and propaganda wing has given the American public some real zingers in his first three weeks in office. Aside from his lack of civic knowledge and knack for trampling on the constitution, namely with his Muslim ban, the comedy coming out of the White House and the likes of Fox News has been pure gold for the internet, late night talk shows and Saturday Night Live.

But then there’s Sean Hannity at the forefront of that Trump media spin cycle who in the clip below is seemingly peddling out to the American people that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is a guy we should be taking national security advice from.

Yeah you can’t make this shit up.

Not that Hannity’s take is all that surprising. The Trump administration and his cronies in the media have – like their orange leader – been more prone to cozy up to strong men and dictators from around the World.

But my god, I guess you’d hope Hannity, who’s still on a major news organization would be able to at least identify that Assad’s take on terrorism probably doesn’t fall totally in line with that of the United States. And that’s just the obvious argument. There’s so much more that’s wrong with the clip above that’s both comedic and scary as hell.

I’m sure we’ll see some Assad praise in a Trump tweet sometime down the road.

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