It only took another chemical attack for Donald Trump to condemn Bashar al-Assad


Donald Trump

In the rose garden alongside King Abdullah II of Jordan, Donald Trump condemned the Syrian chemical attacks where Bashar al-Assad once again poisoned his own people who included innocent children as they slept.

Here’s Trump acting as though this was the first time al-Assad committed war crimes against the people of his nation:

And in typical Trump fashion, he was quick to pass the blame to the Obama administration for what’s happening in Syria. You know despite Trump himself telling Obama via Twitter that he should basically have a hands off approach when it came to al-Assad and Trump attempting to ban these same people from entering the country as refugees.

Again though, I’m not sure what’s changed with al-Assad that has caught Trump off guard? I mean wouldn’t this be the same instance where Trump could tote that innocence line he made mention of when defending Vladimir Putin to Bill O’Reilly? And speaking of Putin, Trump may as well grab himself because he’s still being a giant pussy when it comes to holding Moscow accountable in their continued effort to back that piece of human trash al-Assad. Thanks for the inspiration for that last line Trevor Noah.

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