Six dead in Quebec City mosque terror attack


Quebec City

Photo Credit: Sky News

Six were left dead and eight others wounded when two gunmen opened fire on a mosque in Quebec City, Canada Sunday evening.

According to reports, two men with a ‘Quebecois accent’ and black ski masks entered the mosque and began shooting on worshipers gathered on the first floor. Witnesses say that one of the gunmen was able to reload his weapon at least two times before re-engaging on victims who tried to stop them.

Both men were apprehended by police as the investigation looks into any motives into what Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau is calling a terror attack on his country.

This particular mosque hasn’t been a stranger to provocative acts inflicted upon it in the past. Last June during the final month of Ramadan, a pig’s head was left on the door step of the mosque. The incident was originally labeled an isolated act up until the deadly attack last night.

The terror in Quebec City also comes on the heels of a U.S. travel ban on seven predominantly Muslim countries  initiated by Donald Trump over the weekend. That action has been meant with vast amounts of resistance in the United States and throughout the World. It is unclear however if the attack on the Quebec City mosque has any correlation to Trump’s Muslim ban.

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