Sean Hannity tells Ann Coulter to “cut the BS” after censorship claims


Sean Hannity

The honeymoon appears to be waning among those in Donald Trump‘s inner media circle. This perhaps is best highlighted after the Twitter exchange between conservative pundits Ann Coulter and Fox News’ Sean Hannity after Coulter appeared on his show to discuss her latest book and column. But it wasn’t the discussion surrounding Coulter’s book and column that has caused the uproar between these two blowhards.

Prior to her appearance, Coulter tweeted out that in addition to her book and column she would also discuss Trump’s “rich man” comments which revolved around the President stating he only wanted rich people part of his cabinet. In addition Coulter also stated that if Hannity cut one word from her criticism on Goldman Sachs president Gary Cohn that it would be a “scandal”.

However after apparently getting too wrapped up in her own nonsensical agenda of the left looking to nothing but shoot at republican congressmen on baseball fields and destroy America, Hannity ran out of time during the taping of his show.

Well, this couldn’t have lined up any better for Coulter who immediately took to Twitter after noticing that her Goldman Sachs comments were indeed cut out.

Hannity though wasn’t going to take this laying down. Especially after he was able to survive the sponsor exodus when he tried to push his own bullshit. I’m sure we all remember his Seth Rich conspiracy peddling.

It’s a pretty reasonable claim from Hannity. If you go over your allotted time there’s a good chance something you said isn’t going to make the final cut before it gets pushed to television. But in fairness to Coulter, she’s been far more willing to criticize Trump than Hannity which perhaps has made her a little more “paranoid”.

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