School shooting reported in Parkland, Florida



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Another school shooting is being reported this time at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.  The school is said to be on lockdown as this is being considered to be an active situation and unfortunately there are reports of multiple victims.

This is still very much an active situation and not much is known in terms of how many shooters there are, if any have been taken into custody or how many victims there are.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Local authorities are saying there are at least 20 people injured. The FBI is on the scene.

UPDATE (4:15PM ET): A fire chief has told the Miami-Herald that there is one fatality. However there are conflicting reports regarding that number.

Authorities are now saying that the shooter is now in custody.

UPDATE (4:23PM ET): The school district’s superintendent believes there are multiple fatalities.

UPDATE (5:04PM ET): Fatalities have been confirmed in the shooting with 14 people transported to the hospital. CNN is reporting that there are at least two fatalities.

The shooter is believed to be around 18-years-old and was possibly a former student at the school.

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