Paul Manafort subpoenaed by the Senate Judiciary Committee


Paul Manafort will have to testify in front of the Senate.

Tuesday the former Trump campaign chairman was subpoenaed by the Senate Judiciary Committee after the two sides were unsuccessful in coming to an agreement for a closed door session.

Via CNN:

"(A) subpoena was issued to compel Mr. Manafort's participation in Wednesday's hearing," the two senators said. "As with other witnesses, we may be willing to excuse him from Wednesday's hearing if he would be willing to agree to production of documents and a transcribed interview, with the understanding that the interview would not constitute a waiver of his rights or prejudice the committee's right to compel his testimony in the future."

Manafort is also expected to meet with the Intel Committee as early as this week to discuss his connections with the Russian government while running the Trump campaign.

Another sure hot topic during these open sessions with congress will be that infamous meeting last year at Trump Tower with a Russian lawyer linked to the Kremlin as well as a former Russian spy. Also present at this meeting was Trump's son Donald Trump Jr. and White House aide Jared Kushner who failed to disclose said meeting when filing his security clearance paperwork.

As of yesterday, Kushner has denied being involved in any collusion with Russian operatives in an effort to help his Father-in-law win the presidency last November.

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