Oprah is considering a 2020 run for President



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CNN’s Brian Stelter is reporting that former talk show host and probably one of the most powerful women in the World Oprah Winfrey is “actively thinking” about making a run for President of the United States in 2020. Stelter cites two Oprah’s “close friends” who couldn’t confirm if she’s dead set on running but has been mulling the possibilities as of late.

One of those “close friends” could be longtime partner Stedman Graham who seemed to take things a tad further telling an LA Times reporter, “It’s up to the people, she would absolutely do it.”

Sunday night at the Golden Globes many were tabbing Winfrey’s speech as a precursor for a Presidential run, something that has been thrown around by skeptics in the past.

Last March, Oprah told Bloomberg’s David Rubenstein “It’s clear you don’t need government experience to be elected president of the United States” while adding “I thought, ‘Oh gee, I don’t have the experience, I don’t know enough.’ And now I’m thinking, ‘Oh. Oh!'”

I’m not going to give any kind of ringing endorsement for Oprah Winfrey yet. Obviously there’s a lot of time that needs to pass for the American public to fully vet Winfrey as a candidate for the most powerful office on the Planet. Additionally, the 2018 midterms is going to shed a lot of light on what that potential democratic field could look like in the race for 2020.

However I’d love to hear the skeptics, especially those who voted for Donald Trump why Oprah wouldn’t be a good candidate?

Billionaire, Washington outsider, television star, self made, etc, etc, etc…

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