North Korea airs footage of the ICBM that can reach major U.S. cities (VIDEO)


North Korea

North Korea has released footage of Friday’s ICBM test which is believed to have the capability of hitting the mainland United States, as far in as Chicago. This is according to the Union of Concerned Scientists.

The latest footage has been confirmed by both United States and South Korean officials while the North Koreans say it is the same Hwasong-14 model that was tested back on July 4th. That test earlier in the month reportedly concluded with the missile landing in the Sea of Japan after traveling an altitude of approximately 2,300 miles with a distance of 621 miles.

China’s response has been typical as the United States has had to walk on eggshells around the situation considering the Chinese government continuing to be the DPRK’s biggest ally. Beijing expressed “serious concern” regarding the latest test but also condemned the deployment of the THAAD missile system within South Korea which is designed to shoot down enemy incoming missiles.

“China’s resolute opposition to the deployment by the USA of the THAAD system in South Korea is consistent and clear,” the Chinese government said in a statement on Saturday. “The THAAD system deployment cannot solve South Korea’s security concerns, neither can it solve the problems facing the Korean peninsula. It will only make these problems more complicated.”
In response, the U.S. State Department also released their own statement condemning China and Russia for their continued do-nothing approach regarding the growing North Korean threat:

The United States strongly condemns North Korea’s launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile, the second this month, in blatant violation of multiple United Nations Security Council resolutions that reflect the will of the international community.

All nations should take a strong public stance against North Korea, by maintaining and strengthening UN sanctions to ensure North Korea will face consequences for its relentless pursuit of nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them.

As the principal economic enablers of North Korea’s nuclear weapon and ballistic missile development program, China and Russia bear unique and special responsibility for this growing threat to regional and global stability.

The United States seeks the peaceful denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and the end to belligerent actions by North Korea. As we and others have made clear, we will never accept a nuclear-armed North Korea nor abandon our commitment to our allies and partners in the region.

The White House also released their own statement reaffirming the United States would take “all necessary steps to ensure the security of the American homeland and protect our allies in the region”.

via CNN:

“Threatening the world, these weapons and tests further isolate North Korea, weaken its economy, and deprive its people,” Trump said in a written statement. “The United States will take all necessary steps to ensure the security of the American homeland and protect our allies in the region.”

The Trump administration also continues to receive growing pressure from congress to develop a “comprehensive strategy” for dealing with Kim Jong Un. This sentiment was echoed by Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu Friday to CNN:

“North Korea’s latest missile test shows the Trump administration’s actions are not changing North Korea’s behavior and it’s time for the President to articulate a comprehensive strategy to the American people — so far he’s failed to do that”.

Members of the Trump administration have said that “all options” are on the table in the past when it comes to North Korea. That stance may soon be put to the test as it’s believed the North may be capable of arming these ICBM’s with nuclear warheads as early as next year.


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