No one seems to know what’s going on with Tom Petty


Tom Petty

LA Times

Earlier Monday, TMZ reported that singer/song writer Tom Petty had been rushed to the UCLA Medical Center Sunday night after a cardiac incident. Later in the day it was further reported by CBS that Petty had been taken off life support and passed.

Only that wasn’t the case.

As of 9:30 PM ET, no one seems to know what the status is of the iconic singer. CBS retracted their initial story blaming the report on false information provided to them by the LAPD, which the department pretty much confirmed via tweet.

However what seems pretty consistent in terms of reporting is Petty suffered cardiac arrest, was found unconscious and was to UCLA Santa Monica Hospital and put on life support. The news beyond that is anyones guess.

But whatever the case may be, it seems pretty safe to say Tom Petty isn’t in good shape medically.

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