No one cares about the VMAs



The MTV VMAs are tonight and by all indication from the last two years, no one gives a shit. At least the level of care to actually watch the damn show is dropping significantly.

In 2014 the VMAs saw an 18 percent decrease in viewership compared to the 2013 show. Meanwhile when 2015 rolled around the show lost an additional three-million viewers and logged only five-million viewers during the opening nine o’clock hour. To make matters worse, Viacom looked to give the VMAs a bigger boost by simulcasting it on MTV, MTV2, VH1, VH1 Classic, CMT, Logo, BET, Centric, Comedy Central and TV Land. Despite Viacom shoving the shit show down viewers’ throats still only 10 million people tuned into the flagship award show for the network that featured some fake feud between Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj.

However the VMAs in 2015 were able to set a record on Twitter with over 24.1 million tweets. Although this may sound promising on the surface, you have to wonder how many of those over 24 million tweets were people bitch about how awful the show was or why the hell MTV is still doing a video awards show to begin with?

Speaking of which, why the hell is MTV still doing a video music awards show? Shit… when was the last time the network even aired a music video during a primetime hour? I mean is MTV just trolling the entertainment world at this point and making everyone think they actually care about music videos? Or is this all just some ironic joke?

Does MTV or Viacom for that matter even care?

I guess if they did they’d actually develop original programing around you know music. TLR was horrible however it was a show that actually centered on what MTV acronym stood for, Music Television.

Not that TLR being terrible was totally TLR’s fault. I may be naive but it’s heyday was smack-dab in the middle of the music dark ages when boy bands were all the rage. So I guess they were just giving the kids what they wanted.

But we don’t even have that now.

Scrolling though my Uverse guide, MTV will air the VMAs on rerun probably at least 10 more times before the week comes to an end. Other than that we’ll have consecutive showings of “Teen Mom”, “Catfish”, some movies, a show about Nick Cannon a show called “Unlocking the Truth” and something called “Ridiculousness” (that joke writes itself).

Oh yeah, they do still show videos. However you won’t see them unless you’re up between 4AM and 8AM ET.

Still what’s the point? That would be like ESPN handing out the ESPY while primarily showing reruns of Full House and saving the sports broadcasts for the 3AM hour.

It doesn’t work. And neither does the VMAs.

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