Sen. Chris Murphy reminds everyone what America is turning it’s back on with the Muslim ban


Muslim Ban

Saturday Donald Trump issued an executive order implementing an immigration ban on seven Muslim countries which include Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Sudan and Libya.

The White House has been very insistent that this is a ban on visitors and refugees from countries that supposedly present a safety concern to the American population through terrorism. However make no mistake about this particular executive order, it’s most certainly a ban on Muslims entering the United States, a position of xenophobia that Trump based a good portion of his presidential campaign on.

To reasonably thinking Americans, a ban on Muslims doesn’t need to be overly explained to display just how backwards and wrong it actually is.

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy was very fourth coming on Twitter highlighting exactly what the United States is turning it’s back on when it issues executive policy not based guideline but fear and fear alone.

And before anyone points to the number of US children this asinine ban would protect, lets all remember just how many people in this country were victims of radical Islamic terrorism Trump likes to peddle to his fearful followers. According to David Schanzer, director of the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security, Islamic terrorism accounted for one-third of one percent of all murders in the United States in 2016.

Guns on the other hand accounted for the deaths of 11,000 Americans last year.

Not that I want to ban guns or piss on the second amendment but this goes back to that whole ill-advised Trump Muslim ban that has zero guideline.

What also might be important to point out is none of the countries affected by the ban include the countries where of which the September 11th hijackers were from. Nor do they include countries where Trump has business ties.

In response, Iran has banned US citizens from traveling to that country while also calling Trump’s imposed Muslim ban a ‘gift to extremist’.


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