Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong and Rancid’s Tim Armstrong form punk rock supergroup



Two of punk rock‘s most iconic frontmen have joined forces.

Green Day‘s Billie Joe Armstrong and Rancid‘s Tim Armstrong have formed a super group named none other than “Armstrong” with Billie Joe’s son Joe’s son (presumably playing drums) and Tim’s nephew Rey. The newly formed group has even released a single entitled “If there ever was a time”, a punk rock ballad that digs deep into the genres roots in a call for unity. Not that we’re in a time where that message should ring pretty clear.

I can only assume punk fans will eat this up considering who’s involved. Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day have been a cornerstone band not just for punk but music in general dating back to beginning of their mainstream success in the early 1990’s.

Meanwhile Tim Armstrong and Rancid have followed a similar path. Although Rancid hasn’t seen quite the mainstream success Green Day has, Rancid is still second to none when it comes to it’s legendary status among the punk scene. Not to mention Tim’s involvement with a pioneering band in Operation Ivy during the 1980’s.

Needless to say whatever Billie Joe and Tim touch musically seems to turn to gold.

h/t: Consequence of Sound

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