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Gary Johnson has no clue what an Aleppo is


Gary Johnson

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson appeared on MSNBC‘s Morning Joe Thursday and proceeded to do himself no favors when it comes to trying to make the stage for the first presidential debate later in the month.

During the segment, the former governor of New Mexico was asked by the panel what he would do about the crisis in Aleppo… You know one of the hotbeds of the Syrian refugee crisis.

Here’s what he said:

Now in any other election cycle this would probably mean certain death for the campaign. And you know what maybe it will be for Johnson, a third party candidate whose best chance at the White House probably comes through a vote in Congress. Hell, Howard Dean saw his hopes dashed because he got a little excited on the stage…

However if 2016 has taught us anything, it’s presidential candidates could gaffe all they want and live to see another day. Donald Trump has pretty much been a walking gaffe throughout his entire campaign.

Since the slip, Johnson has issued out a statement:

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