Donald Trump took aim at the NFL, says owners should fire “son of a bitch” anthem protestors


Donald Trump

During a stump for Alabama senatorial candidate Luther Strange Friday night, Donald Trump took aim at the NFL and seemingly urged owners to take action against players protesting the National Anthem over social injustices.

Trump, who claimed to have “many friends” that are NFL owners encouraged his billionaire counterparts to fire those kneeling during the National Anthem and probably became maybe the first sitting U.S. president ever to say “son of a bitch” while up at the podium.

The blowhard Trump further suggested the decline in ratings were as a result of the Anthem protest despite there not being real evidence to support his theory. Trump also continued to rip into the game bitching about penalties saying that the refs are ruining the game since players aren’t allowed to hit anyone.

Perhaps Trump didn’t hear about former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez having the brain of an 80-year-old Alzheimers patient more than likely due to his career playing football? Because he can seemingly feed his base anything an have it stick, Donald Trump probably didn’t look into this topic close enough.


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