Donald Trump once again negligent on Twitter after London bombing


Donald Trump

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In the wake of the latest set of attacks to hit the city of London (luckily no was killed), the compulsive Donald Trump took to Twitter to make some pretty bold claims considering the time of the attack.

First I don’t think any reasonably thinking person will disagree with Trump’s candid “loser” remark towards anyone who would drop a crude bomb into the London tube to injure and/or kill. Likewise I’m not even going to argue the ambiguous usage of “terrorist” considering anyone who would do the aforementioned is undoubtedly a one.

But to make the claim that these individuals were “in the sights of Scotland Yard” is another example of the President of the United States once again showing gross negligence in the eyes of an international terrorist investigation.

First what exactly is he implying in with the Scotland Yard statement? Negligence aside, it’s either a completely erroneous statement directed towards a long-time ally or Trump is relaying what I can only assume is classified information on Twitter given to him at some intelligence briefing.

In any sense, British Prime Minister was quick to call out Trump’s Twitter comments as “speculation” and “unhelpful” to the investigation.

Lastly, what happened to Trump wanting to wait for all the “facts” as he proclaimed after the Charlottesville violence that resulted in one dead after a White Supremacist rammed his car into a group of counter protestors? I’m sure we can remember Trump’s delayed condemnation of White Supremacists after the Charlottesville attacks, something he still doesn’t whole heartedly do without lumping the counter protestors into the mix.

If there’s anything Trump does well from the Oval Office it’s his unyielding (at times) hypocritical stances.

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