Car rams into counter protestors in Charlottesville, Virginia


A car driven by some psychopath domestic terrorist rammed into a group of counter protestors this afternoon during the demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia.

We’re warning you, the video is extremely graphic.

Multiple injuries have been reported at the scene and there have been some unconfirmed reports that the driver of the car has been apprehended by police.

All this stems from the ongoing protests and counter protests taking place in the Virginia town after it was decided that a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee would be taken down. This sparked a Unite the Right rally which started Friday night headed by neo-Nazi and other racist groups from around the country.

Saturday however is when the situation escalated as the bigots were met with anti-racist counter protestors resulting in mass violence across that city.

And after a morning filled with disturbing images of hate, Donald Trump decided to respond to the incidents taking place only two hours ago.

Unfortunately it was Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric that helped give these racist shitheads a sick sense legitimacy.

But I guess we should feel so lucky and reassured Mr. Trump could take time away from his “working vacation” to give a half assed response to the what’s happening in Charlottesville. Including domestic terrorism judging from what we saw above.


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