YouTube doucher Logan Paul is taking time away to “reflect”


Logan Paul

YouTube vlogger Logan Paul who was already an ass clown well before he was heartless enough to keep filming a dead body in Japan’s Suicide Forest is taking some time away from his channel of over 15 million subscribers to “reflect”.

Paul’s decision to step way from YouTube, “for now” comes after massive amounts of backlash towards the 22-year-old who instead of turning off the video camera when he saw a body hanging from a tree, continued to film while he cracked jokes.

In the aftermath of the backlash, Paul also released these two sets of apologies:

I’m assuming Paul will make his return to YouTube once he believes enough time has passed that people would’ve forgotten the shit he pulled at the foot of Mt. Fuji. And since his channel was nothing more than a plug for his stupid clothing line here’s hoping that takes a huge fucking hit as well.

As far as Japan goes, they’re apparently not happy with Paul as well which further affirms that it’s shit heads like Paul who help fuel that hate around the world for Americans.

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