The White House bans some media outlets from off-camera gaggle


White House

Scene at the White House as some reporters are turned away for the off-camera gaggle in Sean Spicer’s office. Photo via @KFaulders of ABC News

In the wake of Donald Trump‘s rhetoric spewing speech at CPAC (including a mocking shot at the first amendment), White House press secretary Sean Spicer held an off-camera gaggle with the media in lieu of the usual daily presser.

But the off-camera gaggle wasn’t the only change in today’s press briefing. Perhaps the most troubling aspect was Spicer – I’m sure under the direction of President Fake Bake himself – hand-picked the news outlets to attend.

Organizations like CNN, Buzzfeed, the New York Times, Politico, the Washington Post and Los Angeles Times were left out in favor of Fox News, Breitbart, OANN and the Washington Times obviously more conservative and friendly outlets towards Trump. Or more ‘honest’ news organizations I’m sure according to the President.

With Trump I don’t think anyone can genuinely be surprised in this move given the authoritarian undertones he’s taken throughout his campaign and young presidency. However just because he’s made it apparent in the past that he’ll have no problem taking a giant shit on the first amendment the move today to suppress the free media is something that all freedom loving citizens of the United States should be concerned with.

Now the Trump supporters will find no issue with this and see it as another lampoon against the ‘fake news’.

However lets put today’s actions by the White House in perspective.

Today a federal employee in the President of the United States who is paid by U.S. taxpayers hand picked media outlets to cover a taxpayer funded branch of government. I understand that Trump had his supporters and detractors during campaign season however this isn’t campaign season anymore.

All taxpayers whether they’re supporters or critics of Donald Trump deserve to have him be a president for all citizens of the United States.

However suppressing the free media is just another sign he has not interest in being a leader that’ll lead for everyone. Unfortunately Trump is only concerned with keeping his own base.

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