“Welcome to Kenya” signs greeted Donald Trump in Hawaii


Donald Trump

Photo: @jaweedkaleem

Friday Donald Trump embarked on his longest foreign trip to date with a 12-day, five country tour of Asia leaving behind the scrutiny of the Russia investigation that has seen his former campaign manager Paul Manafort indicted for a number of financial crimes and a former advisor pleading guilty for lying to FBI over the campaigns possible connections to the Kremlin.

But before Trump made his way to Tokyo in what’s probably his most important foreign trip in a disaster of a presidency (so far) the overgrown Oompa Loompa made a quick stop in Hawaii to refuel and take in the sights of just “some island sitting out in the Pacific”.

However upon his arrival, Trump was met with protestors – which isn’t unusual – but what made this visit and these protests stand out where the quirky signs used. Notably the ones marked with “welcome to Kenya“.

During President Obama‘s time in office, Donald Trump led the birther charge that made the racist claim that the first black President in United States history was born in Kenya and not Hawaii. Trump finally admitted in September of 2016 that Obama was in fact born in Hawaii after leading the nonsensical conspiracy theory for almost half a decade.

But it just wasn’t the “welcome to Kenya” signs that stood out, protestors took the chance to jab at the President on a number of his public gaffes.


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