Matt Lauer to Kellyanne Conway: “That makes no sense” (VIDEO)


Matt Lauer

Today Show host Matt Lauer put his big boy pants back on this morning in an interview with Kellyanne Conway grilling the minister of propaganda about the peculiar exit of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

In a far cry from the softballs he lobbed at then candidate Donald Trump in an interview prior to the election, Lauer called out Conway over the inconsistencies surrounding the timeline of Flynn’s resignation including the time the White House claimed they knew about the former General’s talks with the Russian ambassador.

Interestingly enough towards the end of the interview Conway makes mention that she’s just relaying what the president told her to relay which gives me some shred of hope that not even Kellyanne can believe the shit Trump is having her dish out. Not that there’s an excuse for her lack of integrity but you have to wonder how much longer she along with Sean Spicer can go on like this?

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