WATCH Marco Rubio run for his safe space


Marco Rubio

Photo via @makeka86

It’s been a tough few weeks for Republican members of Congress.

Upon returning home to town halls most have been inundated with angry voters demanding answers for a 70 year man child whose speaks first and worries about the details later. Or in some cases has his constituents head over to Europe or Mexico and attempt to play damage control to some extent.

Anyways, Florida senator Marco Rubio has had it pretty easy unlike his GOP colleagues on the Hill. Instead of attending town halls in his home state the Senator opted for some important trip to Europe (which no one really knows what it was for), teach some classes at Florida International University which is fine but then he skipped out on another town hall.

Well… since Marco isn’t going to the people, some of the people caught up with him while he was playing hooky at a hospital. In response Marco needed to find his safe space and fast.

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