WATCH: Jake Tapper cuts short interview with alt-right lunatic Stephen Miller


Stephen Miller

New York Magazine termed the results of the interview ‘predictably weird’, something I’m sure we all could see coming in any attempted sit down with a Trump administration goon whether it be Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders or in this case Stephen Miller who may be the most unhinged of them all.

Miller, whose been tabbed as a White Nationalist due to his general world view and past association with noted alt-right poster boy Richard Spencer was interviewed this morning on State of the Union by Jake Tapper and as the New York Magazine mentioned, the results were indeed ‘predictably weird’.

Miller was par-for-the-course in his diatribe against the Tapper, CNN and the ‘fake news media’ for their coverage of the Trump administration and most recently the coverage of Michael Wolff‘s book “Fire and Fury” which Miller towed the company line of being, in Miller’s words a ‘garbage book’ by a ‘garbage author’. This all coming too as the White House continues to give a supposed ‘book full of lies’ plenty of coverage of their own while Trump defends his mental state by proclaiming himself to be ‘like really smart’ and a ‘stable genius’.

More or less, Miller also continued to claim the absurdities surrounding former campaign chief executive and chief strategist Steve Bannon as having little to do with Trump’s political success.

Anyways, Tapper had to continually tell Miller to ‘settle down’ eventually ending the interview saying he (Tapper) ‘has wasted enough of his viewer’s time’ with a guy who only ‘care(s) about one viewer right now’.

That certainly seemed true considering that ‘one viewer’ was quick to tweet his approval of his alt-right golden child’s CNN appearance.

Here’s the interview below:


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