There was a huge fuck up at the Oscars last night during the best picture category



We here at the EMPIRE Media group would like to have a retraction to the story we ran last night. Viola Davis’ speech unfortunately wasn’t the show stealer at the Oscars last night. It was actually Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway fucking up the best picture category and naming ‘La La Land‘ as best picture when it was actually ‘Moonlight‘, two movies who by the way I’ve never heard of up until last night.

Lets re-live it.

I’m not sure how this shit happens. In any case it’s something that we’re unfortunately going to have to hear about in days and weeks to come. Not to mention Donald Trump has to be happy about something like this since it takes the focus off the circus currently happening in the White House. Same goes for Steve Harvey who now isn’t the only one to create such a mundane uproar.

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