WATCH: Bill Maher revisits that whole “lesser of two evils” argument when it comes to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton


Bill Maher

We’re about what… a 107 days now into the Donald Trump White House which has seen it’s first legislative “victory” despite it not really being a victory at all – yet?

That victory was taking the first steps in repealing and replacing Obamacare with a piece of new healthcare legislation that would (potentially) fuck over millions of Americans by eliminating their coverage. Some of whom are the most vulnerable in the country.

With that in mind, HBO’s Bill Maher revisited that “lesser of two evils” debate when it came to Trump and Hillary Clinton during the election season which more than likely cost the former Secretary of State some votes.

I was no big fan of Hillary Clinton but as the days progress here, it’s getting more and more apparent that the email scandal among other things (when compared to Trump) was pretty silly. After hearing that whole FBI investigation argument against Hillary, Trump has found his campaign being investigated by the same Buereu for possible collusion with Russia. Or when we have Hillary paying for her husband being a dirtbag in the 1990’s Trump himself has admitted to grabbing unsuspecting pussy throughout his adult life because you know… he has money.

Yep… I guess there’s your lesser of two evils folks.

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