Want to know how fucked you are during a nuclear attack? There’s a website for that…



With the threat of nuclear war once again being a possibility in the World as Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un continue to sabre-rattle some may be wondering how far they have to be from a blast in order to survive.

Well, good news (I guess?), there’s a website for that!

NUKEMAP ( is a Google Maps API developed Alex Wellerstein, a historian of science at the Stevens Institute of Technology that measures the impact of nuclear weapons used on a particular area.

For instance, if the largest North Korean nuclear weapon (tested back in 2013) was dropped right in the middle of lower Manhattan,  the blast itself would take out most of the island with initial fallout stretching from Wall Street all the way up to Irving Plaza. Eventually however – due to wind patterns – fallout could reach as far north as New Haven, Connecticut.

As far as casualties go, NUKEMAP estimates 103,000 would be killed with roughly 213,430 injured.


Meanwhile, if the United States dropped their strongest nuclear weapon on Pyongyang, here’s how that would look.


Again, more reminders that nuclear war is never a good idea.

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