Viola Davis’ Oscar acceptance speech steals the damn show


Viola Davis

Tonight at the Oscars, Viola Davis won for best supporting actress in her critically acclaimed role for “Fences” along side Denzel Washington. With tonight’s victory she became the first African-American woman to win an Oscar, Emmy and Tony Award but it was her acceptance speech that has people talking. Frankly because the Academy may want to hand over another one just for the speech itself.

Now the critics may go one to say that the speech itself was nothing more than another actress going on about a profession that may not be necessary or as important as other professions out there. I get too, there may not be a more important profession out there than a doctor for all of the obvious reasons. There’s also no denying the importance of a police officer, firefighter or teacher.

In any sense we all love art and artists for the visual or audio entertainment it provides us. However in schools it’s often times the first subject to get shit on. As an art eduction major I’ve seen it firsthand and continue to see it to this day. People shitting on the profession or labeling it as not important. Which is why Viola Davis’ speech was so great, because she puts a different outlook on it’s importance that other people may not of understood.

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