VIDEO: Eyewitness to Orlando shooting cut off when he speaks of multiple shooters during TV interview


Orlando Shooting

In an interview with what looked to be various media outlets in Orlando, a suspected eyewitness to the Pulse nightclub shootings was giving an interview explaining his account of the horror and carnage that took place early Sunday morning.

At first glance there’s nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to interviews such as this after one of a senseless and unspeakable occurrence. That was until the guy started speaking of a possible second shooter and the ABC News feed was dropped.

Below is the full interview with the gentleman without the feed being dropped.

Now it’s entirely plausible that ABC News had some technical issue and the feed was dropped unintentionally, it happens all the time. However what’s interesting to point out and raises some question is the multiple accounts of multiple shooters at Pulse that night and why the media isn’t addressing this further.

Then there’s the number of deaths (49 not including the suspected gunman), 53 wounded and the amount of ammunition it would take to inflict that kind of carnage. Several believe the math doesn’t add up when it comes to the rounds used, the man power it would take to bring in those rounds and the number of people wounded and killed.

Now it’s not our intention to go all Alex Jones here and drum up a conspiracy theory. First off Alex Jones is a nut job and it seems a little disingenuous to yell conspiracy or false flag when so many innocent people lost their lives. However it seems like the media maybe should be doing a better job addressing the questions still at hand like the continued account of multiple shooters present. Or was Omar Mateen still armed when he was shot? If so how many rounds did he have left?

Again, I don’t think it’s totally out of the realm of possibility that the attack was undertaken by a single person. The suspected shooter seemed to of had a background with guns and scoping out his target.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stop asking questions and/or asking the right questions.

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