Trump’s hiring of Steve Bannon shouldn’t be acceptable for conservatives




During the campaign stage, hiring fomer Breitbart CEO Steve Bannon could be rationalized. If you needed a political outlet that would publish whatever you wanted to, unfiltered, Steve Bannon was your guy. If you needed to find a way to reach out to the fringe right and actually get them to show up to vote, Steve Bannon was your guy.

When it comes time to actually govern, Steve Bannon isn’t your guy.

Perception is reality. Whether or not he is actually the white nationalist that everyone seems to be claiming he is, the perception undermines President Elect Donald Trump’s ability to govern months before he’s even moved into the White House.

Not to mention his total lack of experience in running a political office. This isn’t a totally biased Political Newsroom he will be asked to run now, it will be the office that keeps the free world turning. The last thing you want to do is turn it over to someone who isn’t ready for the job, especially when you yourself don’t come with any political experience.

Mr. Trump. Do you know how you could actually win over some of the people that voted for you in this election to the conservative side of the argument permanently? Hire the smartest people in the world to come work for you, just like you claimed you do in the business world. Don’t just fill out your staff with political hacks, like Steve Bannon, and Washington insiders like Reince Priebus. Go out and hire away the CEO from a Fortune 100 company to run the Commerce Department, hire a brilliant Doctor to be your Surgeon General, and a high ranking Military Official, retired or active to run the Department of Defense.

Don’t just appoint the people who got you there to those positions Mr. Trump. Be different, like most of the people who voted you into power thought you would be. Go and find the best people in the United States to do these jobs, not political hacks. Be the change you want to see.

I know it’s still some time before Donald Trump actually takes power, but as a conservative, these rumored appointments are already starting to worry me.


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Dorf is a millennial independent who is generally conservative and has zero tolerance for ignorance. He hates ideologues of both sides of the political spectrum and is constantly learning more about everything. He is skeptical of everything. His current fascination is the interplanetary space travel and the possibility of settling on Mars. He also takes a way to analytical approach to his sports, when they should be a release from the stressing realities of life. You can also see his writing over on The Majors Sports Network. The only impartial truth is that there is no impartial truth.

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