There’s even more evidence Joe Paterno was a dirtbag


Joe Paterno

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For reasonable thinking people, no further evidence was needed to come to the conclusion that Joe Paterno could have done much more when it came to protecting children from serial child sex abuser Jerry Sandusky. And since Paterno seemed much more concerned with the image of his football program than that of the welfare of what looks to be dozens upon dozens kids he was already a complete and utter scumbag.

However Paterno still has his defenders and apologists who continue to maintain the longtime head coach either didn’t know the deplorable actions of Sandusky or did everything in his power to alert the authorities and Penn State administration of what was going on. This despite Paterno saying himself before taking his dirt nap that he wished he did more to prevent Sandusky from preying on countless numbers of kids.

There’s also some JoePa apologists who think too much of the attention has been unfairly directed towards him instead of the former University administration or even Sandusky himself. However Penn State administrators like Graham Spanier are still currently under investigation, Sandusky will continue to rot in prison and the entire college football world has tended to gloss over Paterno’s involvement in the worst scandal to ever hit college sports. And if you don’t believe that consider the relative slap on the wrist the NCAA gave Penn State after the scandal came to light. If you also don’t understand what any of this had to do with football, then why would Penn State put it’s reputation on the line to cover for Sandusky?

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