The Kathy Griffin Donald Trump beheading photos were awful but…


Kathy Griffin

Much like the rest of her comedic routine, Kathy Griffin holding up a bloody fake head that looked like Donald Trump was awful. There’s not simpler way of putting it nor is there any way to defend the tasteless picture. At you least you won’t hear me making any ill attempt.

What I also won’t be doing is blowing the picture out of proportion.

In addition to not being funny, the photo also reeks of irony, especially given what has happened over the past week in Montana.

It’s seems like the same people who are screaming at the tasteless left are the same people on the right that applauded when a GOP congressional candidate body slammed a reporter over health care questions.

And yes I feel sorry for Trump’s son Barron who had to see the image of a head that looked like his Dads. But was it really any different than the shit Sasha and Malia had to see the past eight years when their dad was in office? Not to mention I’m sure many on the right who were appalled by Kathy Griffn’s photo and cheered Greg Gianforte giving a rock bottom to Ben Jacobs didn’t bat an eye at the images seen below. Or had any second thought to how Obama’s kids might react.

And while we’re on Barron Trump and Donald trying to make sense of the faux beheading to his son, lets not forget the various other instances where the President had to make sense of something to the fruit of his loins. Whether that be making fun of a handicap journalist, disparaging judges of Mexican decent or grabbing unsuspecting pussy because you’re a real estate mogul who happened to just pop a Viagra.

No one is completely innocent when it comes to something like this. Not the left or the right.


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