Ted Cruz just gave Donald Trump the figurative RNC middle finger


Texas senator Ted Cruz who essentially finished second in the GOP running for presidential nominee gave probably one of the most passionate speeches of this Republican National Convention. It seemed to rally the conservative base of the GOP and probably would have been the perfect lead in for Donald Trump Thursday night when he formally accepts his party’s nomination for president.

There was just one problem. Ted Cruz never endorsed Donald Trump during his speech.

Instead, the Texas senator told voters to ‘vote their conscience’ and seemed to rally on about Ted Cruz instead of the GOP presidential nominee in Donald Trump.

In fact, once it became clear what Ted Cruz was actually doing, rallying his supporters and perhaps putting himself in line to take over the party when and if Donald Trump loses the general election, delegations, especially those from New York began to boo.

Not that Ted Cruz should be totally commended in this spot. You could play a drinking game during his speech whenever he played himself as a hypocrite, especially when he began to talk about the rights of the LGBT community. However you can’t blame the guy for not endorsing Donald Trump just like you can’t blame John Kasich for not showing up at all to the convention. Lets not forget it was Donald Trump who seemed to suggest Ted Cruz’s father killed John F. Kennedy and that those tabloid articles were true in that the Texas senator was cheating on his wife.

Trump ran an incredibly divisive primary and a historically dirty campaign. He can’t really expect some of these guys to simply fall in line after the fact can he?

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