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Sweden: We’ll never forget



Because Donald Trump needs his security blankets after a tough week in Washington, No. 45 held what was called (by his people) a campaign rally in Florida where he peddled more bullshit to the people. You know the same bullshit like draining the swamp (which has been refilled with bankers and lobbyists), a border wall and the terror attack in Sweden Friday night.

Wait… the terror attack in Sweden?

Apparently in the World of Donald Trump there was a terror attack in Sweden that he needed to reference in justification of a non-constitutional Muslim ban. That same ban that was masqueraded as a ‘travel ban’, struck down by the federal court and remains in limbo as the White House scrambles to save face.

The only problem the terror attack in Sweden fell right in line with Kellyanne Conway‘s ‘Bowling Green massacre’ which of course never happened.

Anyways here’s the President spreading more false information:

Naturally, Twitter didn’t let President Bannon’s lap dog live this one down.

Here’s Sweden’s former prime minister wondering what we all are:

Sorry Diana Dee… it looks like the Swedish chef didn’t make it…

I knew ABBA was up to no good…

What a second… we’re now getting conflicting reports…

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