The Skinny Repeal for Obamacare died on the Senate floor


Skinny Repeal

The GOP efforts to use the skinny repeal on Obamacare died on the Senate floor in the early morning hours Friday by a final vote of 49-51. The deciding votes ironically came from republican senators Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Barack Obama’s 2008 opponent John McCain.

With Obamacare once again remaining the law of the land there’s no telling where republicans go from here. After multiple defeats in the over six months of Donald Trump’s presidency, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is ready to move on as he stated at the end of the night. However it’s unclear how Trump will act once the sun comes up in Washington and whether or not we’ll see real bipartisan work on a maintenance plan for the Affordable Care Act.

Either way this is another huge loss for republicans on the Hill and Donald Trump who has yet to pass a major piece of legislation.

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