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Shooting on the UCLA campus



Embargoed to Los Angeles, CA
UCLA campus police are investigating a possible shooting on campus Wednesday, university spokesman Ricardo Vazquez said. Police received reports of two victims down and an active shooter in or near the engineering building, Los Angeles Police Officer Tony Im said.

A shooting has been reported on the UCLA campus according to various news organizations.

Early reports indicate the shooting apparently happened near or within the engineering building with two injured. It’s unclear at this point if any are in custody.

Currently the campus is under a campus wide lock down.

The tweets from students who were told to shelter in place are chilling…

UPDATE: According to the LAPD the city has been put on a ‘tactical alert’.

UPDATE: UCLA is reporting that there are now two confirmed dead in today’s shooting.

UPDATE: The two reported victims of the UCLA shooting are male with the incidents taking place around 10AM PST.

UPDATE: Right now a murder/suicide is being suspected in the UCLA Shooting.

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