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The reviews for Super Mario Run are in


Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is the latest iOS download that has caught the attention of mobile gamers everywhere. It’s also a title that brings plenty of hype when you consider the Super Mario theme which for all account has been a staple in the gaming community for well over thirty years.

However did Super Mario Run live up to the hype?

At first glance it seemed too. The graphics look clean and crisp, the game play is fluid and the enjoyment level seems right up there with any other addicting game that hits the digital shelves of app stores.

In any sense it sounds like everything you could expect from a title that features Super Mario.

But what are the drawbacks?

Well… the functionality of the control sounds as though you better be ready for a blister on your thumb as the one-handed play in some ways brings back old memories of those original NES button-masher games.

Other than that the biggest drawback for Super Mario run is what you’re expected to do once you clear the first three worlds… pay up to continue to play more.

Yep, once you successfully complete the first three levels of the game you’ll have to pay up to continue with the rest. It’s one of those hidden surprises that’ll get ya which really isn’t a surprise when we’re talking free iOS games.

Unfortunately for the game itself, it looks like many players are giving up after the first three levels.

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