Report: John Kasich will drop out of the GOP presidential race


John Kasich

Ohio governor John Kasich will reportedly throw in the towel in his fight to become the GOP presidential nominee.

Kasich’s fate in the race was sealed Tuesday night after another crushing loss, this time in the Indiana Primary and Texas senator Ted Cruz dropping his bid for the nomination. Not to mention Kasich would need over 200 percent of the remaining delegates to obtain the GOP nomination which is obviously mathematically impossible. Additionally¬†with Cruz out, there is no viable path to prevent a now uncontested Donald Trump from reaching the 1237 magic number needed to clinch the Republican presidential nomination.

The biggest question now for Kasich at this point is does he consider becoming a running mate for Trump if the billionaire comes calling? With Kasich’s experience and huge ties to Ohio it would frankly be dumb for Trump not to make the consideration.

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