For some reason people are outraged rapper Kevin Gates got the book thrown at him


Kevin Gates

Wednesday rapper Kevin Gates was sentenced to six months in jail after kicking a women in the chest at his concert last September then trying to use some bullshit excuse that he was ‘defending himself’ to get off. Only the judge and jury weren’t buying it and sentenced Gates to six months in jail for his actions.

In fact judge Sharon Franklin who was presiding over the trial sentenced Gates to 120 more days than what the prosecutors were originally looking for.

Gates’ sentenced however wasn’t very well received among some on Twitter who of which (some) began to making comparisons to the Brock Turner trial where the white college swimmer essentially got a slap on the wrist for raping a girl behind a dumpster at Stanford University.

So just because one judge fucks up does that mean judge Franklin has to follow suit here?

I don’t think so.

Not to mention we’re living in a day and age where the NFL has already tried to negate the seriousness of domestic violence while one of our presidential nominees thinks it’s okay to “grab a women’s pussy” as long as you’re a star and have a mouth full of Tic-Tacs.

And yes I’m well aware he was sentenced by a female judge and a jury that consisted of all women. But that may be called karma.

Check the tape below.

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