Puerto Rico votes overwhelmingly for U.S. statehood


Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has spoken. Citizens of the island commonwealth want U.S. statehood.

With 97 percent of the vote, Puerto Rican’s voted in favor of being admitted to the Union a decision that’ll ultimately be decided by the U.S. Congress.

Stricken with a $73 billion dollar debt, Puerto Rican’s – who are full citizens of the United States – could have voted for statehood, independence or the status quo and remain a commonwealth with limited benefits. Currently inhabitants of the United State’s territory pay most federal taxes but don’t enjoy the full on benefits of Medicaid or Medicare. Nor can the Island itself file for bankruptcy in an effort to help dig themselves out of their crippling debt that has forced the commonwealth to close schools and cut pensions.

The big question now however is will Congress listen or continue to suppress the rights of United State’s citizens?

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