North Korea conducts sixth nuclear test


North Korea

Photo via The Guardian

Under the direction of Kim Jong-Un, North Korea has conducted its sixth nuclear test one the country claims and be fitted to the head of an ICBM.

The hydrogen bomb test which is considered to be the strongest yet was confirmed via a 6.3 magnitude “artificial earthquake” according to officials in Japan, China and South Korea. Additionally, Japan has sent “sniffer” planes to the Korean peninsula to test radioactive agents in the air something that would be consistent with a nuclear test on the peninsula.

Since the Trump administration praised Kim Jong-Un for showing restraint back in August, after a contentious talk several weeks ago the DPRK has become increasingly aggressive. with the past two weeks, North Korea fired off projectiles some of which went over mainland Japan.

In response to the DPRK’s latest nuclear test, Donald Trump has called the North’s actions “dangerous” and “very hostile” to the United States.

Meanwhile the Russian foreign minister in response to North Korea’s latest nuclear test says the DPRK deserves the “strongest condemnation”.

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