Military coup underway in Turkey



All Hell has broken out in Turkey as a Military coup is currently underway throughout the NATO country.

The Turkish Military issued a statement over State media declaring they have overthrown the government of President Erdogan who on the other hand insists he’s still in power.

It’s an extremely volatile situation as people have taken to the streets despite the Military’s pleas for citizens to remain in their homes.

Here’s what we know so far.

  • The Military is attempting to overthrow President Erdogan who they’ve felt has become to authoritarian and religious in conducting policy throughout the country. The Military also claims they’ve lost confidence that the current government can protect he people from groups like ISIS who’ve benefited from going through Turkey and into Syria.
  • President Erdogan has given a statement over Skype telling the citizens of Turkey that he is still the president.
  • The coup apparently happened while President Erdogan was on vacation and out of the capital.
  • Current high-ranking members of the Turkish government have gone into hiding.
  • Social media within the country has been shut down.
  • All flights to and from Turkey have been indefinitely suspended.
  • Martial law has been declared.
  • Confusions has been persistent between Military forces and police forces who at times have engaged each other throughout the country. Certain police forces have been pro Erdogan.
  • Gunshots have been heard. It’s unclear if anyone has been hurt or killed during the coup.
  • Low flying jets have also been heard.

The United States has generally held an overwhelming policy that they don’t do business with a country who’s undergone a military coup especially in cases where a democratically elected leader has been put in place. However this could be a special circumstance considering the apparent obligations of the Military who say they will maintain the current relations with countries throughout the world. Not to mention IF the Military is actually dissatisfied with an authoritarian government you’d think that’s something the United States can get behind.

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