Mike Pence gets a well-deserved icy reception at a “Hamilton” performance


Mike Pence

Vice President-elect Mike Pence decided to take in a show of Hamilton Friday night as he prepares to take his LGBT bigotry from the state level to the federal level. Not that the vice president really does anything during his time in office unless you’re proven to be an incompetent president like a George W. Bush or what I can only assume Donald Trump will be. Not to mention all indication is Pence will handle much of the domestic policy in this country which is truly terrifying.

Anyways, upon his arrival Pence was met with a well deserved reaction of boo’s as he entered the theatre and found his seats.

It was beautiful.

Now some would say this is “disrespectful” to the vice president-elect and that we should simply “give the guy a chance”.

First Ashely Feinberg of Deadspin pointed out politicians don’t deserve respect simply because they’re politicians. Generally speaking what kind of respect does Pence deserve as a politician? Especially in a theatre setting which has a long positive history of LGBT relations.

During his extensive political career Mike Pence has:

  • Opposed a bill that would protect LGBT individuals from workplace discrimination.
  • Didn’t believe homosexuals should receive equal recognition of legal protection.
  • Was in favor of directing tax payer dollars to programs that would actively work with individuals looking to change their sexual behaviors. This was essentially a therapy to help gay people not be gay anymore.
  • Those funds directed at the “gay therapy” sessions would be taken from programs to help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.
  • Was in favor of the “Religious Freedom” bill that would permit businesses in Indiana to openly discriminate against the LGBT community.

As far as “giving the guy a chance” the only thing I have to say about that is politicians have to earn our respect, especially in Pence’s case who has a long documented history of bigotry. Plus a politician isn’t going to succeed or fail based on my opinions. Whether or not they succeed or fail is entirely in their own hands.

Anyways, the cast of Hamilton left the VP-elect with is parting address.

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