At least 58 dead and 500-plus injured at Las Vegas concert shooting (UPDATING)


Las Vegas

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Sunday night a gunman opened fire on Las Vegas concert goers killing at least 50 and injuring over 200 in what has become the deadliest mass shooting in United States history.

The shooting reportedly occurred near the Mandalay Bay Hotel during the Route 91 country music festival on the Las Vegas Strip. The shooter has been identified as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, a Las Vegas resident who was eventually killed by police. A woman -Marilou Danley – has also been taken into custody as a person of interest.

Reports of active shooter at Mandalay Bay. Witness tells me multiple people shot. I see people getting loaded into ambulances

The attack occurred just after 10 pm local time as shots rained down from the 32 floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Many believed the shots were originally pyrotechnics as country music star Jason Aldean was just finishing up his set when the gunfire began.

Police obtained a search warrant for the gunman’s hotel room where numerous weapons were found. Authorities are also in the process of gaining a search warrant for the suspect’s residence.

We’ll have more as it becomes available.

UPDATE: Las Vegas Police are now reporting that more than 50 people have been killed and over 400 injured (UPDATE – 58 have now been confirmed killed and over 500 injured). The shooter – Stephen Paddock- was also relatively unknown to Nevada authorities prior the shooting. He further identified as a white male from Mesquite, Nevada.  It’s also believed he did take his own life right before police entered his hotel room at the Mandalay Bay Resort.

Upon entry into the suspects hotel room, authorities found in excess of 10 weapons. It’s also being reported that the suspect had been at the hotel since September 28th.

As far as the woman – Marilou Danley – who was sought out by police, she was reportedly located outside the country and isn’t considered a suspect in the shooting at this time. Police however did mention that Paddock was using her identification. To what extent hasn’t been released.

UPDATE: Mesquite, Nevada police held a press conference after raiding the home of Stephen Paddock. They mentioned that some weapons were found but nothing really out of the ordinary was discovered. The home was also located in a retirement community.

UPDATE: The shooter Stephen Paddock had an expired pilot license. According to his brother, Paddock was a retired accountant who played $100-a-hand poker while police called his profile “unique”.

Meanwhile, the death toll has risen to at least 58 with over 500 injured. Witnesses reported seeing shooting victims plugging bullet holes with their fingers.


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