The latest on the London Attacks


London Attacks

After last night’s London attacks, here’s the absolute latest on the situation as the dust continues to settle.

  • Seven have now been confirmed dead after three terrorists used a van to ram into pedestrians on London Bridge before taking to the Borough Market with large knives.
  • Those three terrorists have been killed and aren’t included in the current death toll.
  • 48 people have been taken to the hospitals with various injuries as a result of the attack.

  • 12 people have been arrested by British authorities in connection with the London attacks.
  • London mayor Sadiq Khan released the following statement:

  • Meanwhile Donald Trump used this as an opportune time to misconstrue the mayor’s statement and push his xenophobic agenda.

Yeah… imagine if they did have guns…

  • Anyways, British prime minister Theresa May released a statement in the wake of the attacks:

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