Kayleigh McEnany leaves CNN for “Real News” Trump state media


Kayleigh McEnany

Trump apologist and pundit Kayleigh McEnany whose proved time and time again that you don’t have to be smart to obtain a law degree from Harvard has resurfaced in the “news” after a long absence from the camera.

After tweeting out Saturday that she left CNN for a “new role”, McEnany reappeared on a pro Donald Trump broadcast touting itself as the “real news”.

The minute and a half broadcast only touched on positive spin in regards to the Trump administration. This included the record highs at the stock market, consumer confidence and the more than a million jobs added to the work force. Ironically when he was a private citizen, Donald Trump would often slam those same jobs reports as being phony during the Obama years. That’s not such the case this time around.

What’s scary is there’s very real similarities between what McEnany is spewing and the state run news broadcasts from dictatorships around the world. Including North Korea below:

Not that the United States is under a dictatorship. However this hasn’t been the first time Donald Trump has demonstrated strong man tendencies as he continues to try and control the narrative in the media pertaining to his administration.

Other’s have also noticed the state media tone of the Trump broadcast.

As far as McEnany’s departure from CNN the network reported that she wasn’t fired but rather asked to be released from her contract.

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