Josh Abbott Band guitarist changes stance on gun control after Las Vegas shooting


Josh Abbott Band

Rolling Stone

Caleb Keeter – guitarist for the Josh Abbott Band – was a one time proponent of the second amendment. That was until Sunday night when a gunman rained gunfire down onto the festival he was playing at in Las Vegas killing 59 people and injuring over 500.

Since that horrific event, Keeter has changed his stance on the second amendment:

I don’t think anyone should outright be against the second amendment. It is a pivotal piece of our constitution and ridding ourself of it sets a dangerous precedent for potentially changing other areas of the founding document.

However the specifics and interpretation of the second amendment is up for debate. Moreover events like the Las Vegas shooting should at least open up dialogue and perhaps push lawmakers to find some common ground and common sense on the issue.

Unfortunately though if a bunch of elementary school kids getting mowed down by a gunman in Newtown wasn’t enough to generate gun control conversations, dead concertgoers in Las Vegas probably won’t either.

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