Is the Zapruder footage the most convincing visual evidence of a JFK assassination cover-up?



Photo: YouTube Screenshot

Donald Trump announced Saturday that a large batch of previously classified John F. Kennedy assassination files would be released prior to the October 26th deadline. The release of the documents may put to rest plenty of conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination or on the flip re-ignite them.

One of those JFK assassination conspiracy theories resonates with the Abraham Zapruder film who managed to catch the murder of the former President using a 1963 home movie camera. That conspiracy suggests that the driver William Greer was actually the guy who delivered the kill shot to Kennedy and not Lee Harvey Oswald.

Some have looked to debunk the driver theory which may resonate with some former skeptics. Notably the theorized shot from the driver being nothing more than an optical illusion.

However many skeptics of the original Oswald story who may lean on the driver theory still ask why the limo didn’t speed up after the first two shots, one of which that hit the former President in the neck? It wasn’t until the head shot that the driver stepped on the gas and peeled off.

Although Zapruder wasn’t expected to catch one of infamous days in United States history, the film itself was an important piece of evidence in the Warren Commission and perhaps the one of the most studied pieces of footage of all time.


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