Intruder breaches White House grounds late Friday night


White House

According to CNN’s Jeff Zeleny, an intruder breached the White House grounds making it all the way to the South Portico before they were apprehended by the Secret Service. Donald Trump was at the residence at the time and the grounds were placed on security level orange.

It’s believed the intruder made their way onto the grounds around the east entrance. That is the same entry point that the president would usually use to leave and enter the residence as well as greet foreign dignitaries.

Intruders breaching the White House grounds has been a growing problem for the Secret Service over the past few years. In fact an intruder actually made it into the White House back in 2014 when made their way over a fence on up to the North Portico before entering the residence.

As far as that backpack goes that Jeff Zeleny reported on, according to authorities no hazardous substances were found in the bag or on the intruder.

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