The Intel committee continues to shit on Donald Trump’s (likely) bogus wiretapping claims


Donald Trump

After republican representative Devin Nunes – a noted Donald Trump supporter basically said the President’s wiretapping claims against Obama were pretty much bullshit, the Senate Intel Committee came back Thursday with pretty much the exact same determination.

Here’s Sen. Richard Burr and Sen. Mark Warner further confirming that Donald Trump is totally taking a giant dump on the office of President:

So where did Trump get his claims from? Probably from Breitbart but he’s now claiming the ‘failing’ New York Times. 

Okay… so Donald Trump ‘thinks’ he heard something about wiretapping which was enough for him to go out and tweet wild accusations towards President Obama. Sounds like a well thought out Commander and Chief.

In any sense, the House and Senate Intel committees have essentially given Trump until Monday – when FBI director James Comey is to make an appearance at an intel hearing – to come up with some proof or back the fuck off.

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